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Fri, Aug 13, 1999 - Sat, Aug 14, 1999 (Dooly's Billiards - Chatham, Ontario Canada)
Well, we survived! We had a great weekend! The weather was nice the beer was cold and the pool tables were hot! It was great to meet everyone and put a face to a name. The following VIP Members attended:

  • Str8Shooter (Dave) and his wife Coreen
  • Yelims (Chris)
  • Sugarbear (Angela)
  • Cueman (Tom) and his wife Jeanette
  • Viking21 (Rhys) and his girlfriend Dana
  • JTut (John) his wife Gail and son Scott
  • Cueball (Greg) and his wife Debbie
  • Trigger2 (Justin)
  • VentureKing (Dave) and his girlfriend Benita
Str8Shooter was the winner of our single elimination 8 ball tournament Friday night. Str8Shooter and VentureKing
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JTut and Gail at Crabby Joe's
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Friday night we ate at Crabby Joe's. Good food and drink!
Did Jeanette have TOO much to drink??? hehehe Cueman and Jeanette at Crabby Joe's
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Viking21 and Dana at Crabby Joe's
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Viking21 and Dana at Crabby Joe's
As a special treat, we did some trap shooting Saturday afternoon. Here's Benita shooting the gun while Ron (Str8Shooter's brother) throws the traps. Benita and Ron trap shooting
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Viking21 trap shooting
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Viking21 tries his hand at it...
The 12 gauge nearly blows Trigger2 off his feet! Trigger2 trap shooting
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"Son, go to the truck and get us some more ammunition. It's in the glovebox...behind the beer."
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Canada's corndogs are too hairy for me!
Cueman was the winner of our double elimination 9 ball tournament Saturday night. Cueman and VentureKing
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Str8Shooter teaches poker pool
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Str8Shooter tried to teach us how to play poker pool. The only thing it taught us is how to dig into our pockets for money! hehehe
The VIP Gang on Saturday night. VIP group picture
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VIP group picture
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The VIP Gang (Hand check, Rhys! hehehe)
Cueball kept us entertained with his jokes while Debbie stayed in the corner Cueball and Debbie
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VIP group picture
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Str8Shooter, Cueman, Viking21, Coreen (Str8Shooter's wife) and Scott (JTut's son)
JTut shows us how it's done... JTut at the table
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Body english doesn't work!
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VentureKing trying to use body english to persuade the balls...
Trigger2 hams it up at Dooly's Trigger2 hamming it up
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Viking21 hamming it up
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Another ham at Dooly's
What determination! What form! (No wonder I can't beat this guy...) What determination!  What form!
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Nice Rack!
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Jeanette reveals some truths about herself...

Thanks to all of the VIP members who attended. Special thanks to Str8Shooter (Dave) for organizing this event, Dave's brother Ron for his hospitality and the use of his firearms for trap shooting, the families of the VIP members for their patience while we played and Dooly's Billiards for their fine establishment. Extra special thanks to Benita and Justin for their patience with my work on VIP.

We hope to see you all at the next VIP gathering! Watch for details coming up...

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