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[Book image] Byrne's New Standard Book of Pool and Billiards
by Robert Byrne (The VIP Ladder is listed in this book...)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pool & Billiards
by Ewa Mataya Laurance, Thomas C. Shaw and Jimmy Caras (The VIP Ladder is listed in this book...)

[Book image] Play Your Best Pool
by Philip B. Capelle

[Book image] Precision Pool
by Gerry D. Kanov, Shari Stauch

[Book image] The 99 Critical Shots in Pool : Everything You Need to Know to Learn and Master the Game
by Ray Martin, Rosser Reeves, Harry Zelenko (Illustrator), Katherine McGlynn (Photographer)

[Book image] Real Feel PoolShark

Virtual Pool Hall
by Interplay Productions

[Book image] Virtual Pool 2
by Interplay Productions

Virtual Pool

Center Spot
Gamespot - Virtual Pool is very good!
Gamebriefs - Virtual Pool is AWESOME!

VIP Ladder Tournaments
VPOOL.COM - Virtual Pool Online Tournaments
StepChild's Straight Pool tournament
Phatmat4's 98 tourney
PoolQ's Handicapped 9 ball tourney
RatCandy 8-Ball League
VP Pool Palace
Online Links Society Links LS Tour

Virtual Pool Sites
DJ Jimi's Virtual Pool Home Page

Virtual Pool Messageboards, Chatrooms and Clubs
Virtual Pool Online Club
VPOOL.COM Message Board

Pool and Billiards related sites
How to Play Pool and Billiards
Expert articles on pool and billiards techniques.

Billiard Cue Site
At, we always promise quality and service. The products we sell are of the best value you can ever get. We started off as a billiard supplier some years ago, and since we have grown from strength to strength. Our quality products and services have won customers all around the world.

CueSight has a large selection of pool and billiard related equipment. They strive to provide the best products with the best prices. Home of the Laser-sighted pool cues!

InsidePOOL Magazine
InsidePOOL Magazine is the only national pool publication written and designed for amateur pool players and pool fans. Everything about InsidePOOL Magazine, from its timely tournament coverage to its insightful instruction, high impact photography, sophisticated style, and our "We love this sport" attitude cries out that pool is the greatest game on Earth.

BillardGL is an open source project for Windows and Linux. It can play 8-ball and 9-ball and since it's open source, it's FREE! is designed to cater to your personal needs and to help you be a better player. They have all the top movies and books to help you with step-by-step instructions, plus the accessories you need to become the best.

Byrne's Standard Website of Pool and Billiards
Including an expanded edition of the 1978 work, with indices, references, and four new chapters. Over 350,000 sold.

Billiards Digest
The philosophy behind the site is to present information simply and efficiently, with maximum navigability for users. Our goal was to create a content-rich, highly informative resource center with an appealling, logical, clean design.

Billiard World
The idea of their web site, Billiard World, is to offer stuff that is fun to read and non toxic.

Pool and Billiard Magazine
Today, Pool & Billiard Magazine proudly claims the largest and most knowledgeable staff of professional writers and columnists in the billiard industry, boasts the largest readership of billiard businesses, players and fans, and continues to provide the best and most comprehensive published information about the sport.

American Pool Players Association
This site is intended to provide information and entertainment for the 200,000 APA Members throughout North America, for our network of APA League Operators and the more than 40 million pool enthusiasts around the world.

Billiard Congress of America
The Billiard Congress of America is all about you! How can we help your play, your business and your enjoyment of the great game of billiards?

Ewa Mataya (The Striking Viking)
Ewa Mataya Laurance is one of the most well-known and recognizable stars in the history of pocket billiards. A past winner of multiple World Championships, including the sport's biggest prizes, the WPA World 9-Ball Championship, as well as America's most prestigious prizes, the US Open 9-Ball title (twice), and the WPBA National 9-Ball Championship. Ewa is in elite company, one of only a handful of players to win all of the sport's major titles.

Willie Mosconi Card Collection

Billiard Supply
Carrying all the top brand names in billiard.

Online Gaming Sites
Online Gaming 4 U
A huge list of links for many different online gaming topics.

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