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  • All players must read and understand the VIP Ladder Rules and Terms of Service and agree to abide by them.
  • All players must have a registered version of the game they are playing on the VIP Ladder.
    WARNING: The VIP Ladder does NOT condone software piracy. The VIP Ladder reserves the right to remove any player who is found to be using a black-market, cracked, hacked, or beta version of a game!
  • All players must have a registered version of Kali, The Zone, MPlayer or some other online gaming network. (If the game supports TCP/IP connectivity you should still have a membership to help you find other players.)
  • All players must have a valid email address. Your password is emailed to you.
  • Modem play is allowed as long as both players meet the above requirements.
  • All new players start with one thousand (1000) points.
  • All matches are to be played one-on-one (no multiple winners or losers). Because of the structure of the VIP Ladder point system, matches with more than two players are not allowed.
  • A player may be on as many ladders as they desire, but only one account per each player. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS ARE CONSIDERED CHEATING AND ARE NOT ALLOWED! Once your VIP Ladder account is setup, you may join other VIP Ladders by clicking the Join button.
  • The VIP Ladder reserves the right to remove any player for any reason. This includes (but is not limited to) any form of cheating. See the cheaters page for more information.


  • The number one rule is to HAVE FUN and PLAY FAIR! Let's be reasonable folks... If there's a discrepancy, settle it with a rematch. The skilled player will normally prevail. If there are problems, contact VIP Ladder Support. I'm not going to be a referee, but I should be able to determine if someone is becoming a "problem player".
  • Sportsmanship above and beyond anything else. Treat your opponents with the utmost respect.
  • Players must clarify and agree upon the type of match to be played BEFORE the match begins. A simple, "VIP match?" will suffice.
  • Keep track of your games while playing a match. I recommend that you write down the score after each game within a match. You never know when you may get disconnected. If you keep a log of the games won by each player, you can simply reconnect and continue the match.
  • Players must accept challenges from any other ladder player. If a player cannot play at the current time, schedule the game at a convenient time for both players.
  • If you are unable to complete a game (some emergencies happen). You should reschedule the match at a convenient time for both players.
  • Players will be dropped from the ladder if they have not played a match within the last 30 days. This gives everyone ample time for vacations, sickness, etc. Exceptions will only be made via email to VIP Ladder Support.
  • At the end of the match, the LOSER must immediately report one (1) loss for the match via the online automated form. Only one loss report is allowed for each match. Multiple loss reports for a match are NOT allowed. If a match is not reported within a reasonable time (24 hours), the winner should contact their opponent via email and ask them (politely) if they forgot to report or forgot your name. If the match is not reported within the next 24 hours, the winner should email VIP Ladder support. Please check the VIP Ladder support page to ensure that all necessary information is supplied and no delays are encountered.


  • Two player matches only.
  • The first player to reach 10 kills is the winner.


  • Two player matches only.
  • The first player to destroy the enemy or attain the winning goal wins.


  • Two player matches only.
  • Matches are to be played at the Championship skill level.
  • No chipping on the greens.
  • Respect for your opponent's concentration during a shot (that means, you don't send messages while they are about to swing).
  • Soft spikes only. ;)


  • A match is won by the first player to win five games unless otherwise specified below.
  • All VIP matches should be played using APA rules.
  • Tables setting should be PRO unless otherwise specified.

These are recommended for VIP Ladder matches. Players may play a race to whatever both player agree upon BEFORE the match starts. If players cannot agree, they must follow these recommendations:

NOTE: Matches played for multiple reports are NOT allowed.

Game Race To
9-Ball 7
8-Ball 5
Snooker 2
Bank Pool 2
Cowboy 2
Honolulu 3
Cribbage 4
Bowlliards 1
1 Cushion Billiards 2
(7 to 15 points per game)
3 Cushion Billiards 2
(5 to 10 points per game)
Rotation 1
(50 points per game)


The point system is based on (not exactly) the USCF rating system. This point system uses statistics to determine "win expectancy". It provides a more accurate portrayal of a player's skill. The maximum number of points that a player can win in a match is 100. Statistically, a skilled player is EXPECTED to win in a match against a lesser skilled player. If two players in a match are ranked the same (according to the VIP Ladder points), the winner will receive half of the available points for the match (half of 100 = 50 points). If two players in a match are not equally skilled and the skilled player wins the match, the winner will receive less than half of the available points for the match (possibly even zero points). If the lesser skilled player wins the match, the winner will receive more than half of the available points for the match (up to 100 points). In all cases, the loser loses the number of points that the winner wins (points are transferred).

Virtual Pool has internal rules to determine when a foul is made. A foul is made if you scratch, if you do not hit your ball first, if the lowest ball is not hit first (only in rotation or nine ball) or if a ball does not go to the rail on a missed shot. Since these rules are internal, Virtual Pool will automatically tell players, switch turns and give the shooter "ball in hand". Do NOT pass your turn to your opponent unless you are sure it is your opponent's turn and are willing to accept the consequences if you are wrong! If Virtual Pool drops packets (gets confused with who's turn it really is), confirm the current score with your opponent, restart and continue play from your current scores.

Slop shots count! No need to call the pocket, kisses, banks or caroms. The ONLY exception to this rule is when shooting on the eight ball in an eight ball match. See the EIGHT BALL SPECIFIC rules for more information.


[New Icon] It has come to our attention that some VIP Ladder 9-ball players believe there is a rule against playing a combo shot on the 9-ball. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

The standard rule for shooting the 9-ball is: "The winner is the first player to pocket the 9-ball in any pocket with a legal shot or when the opponent forfeits the game as the result of a foul."

A combo on the 9-ball is perfectly legal even if the previous shot was a foul and the combo is setup with ball-in-hand - with one small exception. In real pool it's illegal to place the cueball directly against the object ball. VP3 doesn't recognize the cueball against the object ball as a foul. Therefore, we recommend that players leave a noticable gap between the cueball and the object ball when setting up any ball-in-hand shot. At all times, the benefit of doubt goes to the shooter. If the shooter places the cueball directly against the object ball and pockets the 9-ball with no other foul, it's a win for the shooter. We recommend that players play honestly and provide a noticable gap between the cueball and the object ball when setting up any ball-in-hand shot. Any discrepancies go to the shooter.


In regulation eight ball, the shot on the eight ball must be called. This is true for our ladder also. To avoid confusion, I suggest that the pockets be numbered clockwise from one through six as if you were standing at the head string (the line behind which you break). Therefore if you were standing at the head string end of the table, the top right corner pocket would be number one, the right side pocket would be number two, the bottom right pocket would be number three, the bottom left pocket would be number four, the left side pocket would be number five and the top left pocket would be number six. Like this:

6           1
 |         |
 |    .    |
 |         |
5|         |2
 |         |
 |---------|  <- head string
 |         |
4           3

In addition, your opponent must confirm your call by repeating it back to you. For those of you who do not know... You can send text messages to each other by pressing the "/" key (ALT-C in VP1). Do NOT shoot at the eight ball until you get confirmation of the called pocket from your opponent. It is not necessary to call a kiss, bank or carom on any shot (including the shot on the eight ball).


NOTE: This rule applies no matter how simple (or obvious) the shot is. Even if you are shooting after a foul and the eight ball is half in the pocket. YOU MUST CALL THE SHOT. I cannot stress how important this is. You have been warned!

I have been informed that some versions of Virtual Pool contain different internal rules. Specifically, some versions of Virtual Pool do not count scratching on the 8 ball as a loss. The official VIP Ladder rule is: A SCRATCH WHILE SHOOTING THE 8 BALL (WHETHER THE 8 BALL IS POCKETED OR NOT) IS A LOSS. REGARDLESS OF WHETHER VIRTUAL POOL COUNTS THE LOSS.

Basically, you lose if:

  • You pocket the 8 ball out of turn (before you pocketed all of your balls).
  • You pocket the 8 ball in the wrong pocket (after you pocket all of your balls).
  • You scratch while shooting the 8 ball (after you pocket all of your balls - whether you pocket the 8 ball or not).
  • You pocket the 8 ball on the break AND scratch. (Virtual Pool incorrectly counts this as a win). See the 8 ball on the break rule page for more information.


Due to the amount of time required to play a game of rotation, players may choose to play a race to three (3) games (rather than 5).


These rules are subject to change. Check back often for new rules and changes.

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