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More than 90% of the problems people encounter with the VIP Ladder are because they have not read the following information. Please take the time to read and understand these instructions.

Upon completion of the VIP Ladder signup form, a randomly generated password will be emailed to the primary email address you enter on the signup form. This password will be the same for all VIP Ladders that you join and is required to record losses to the VIP Ladder database. Please ensure that your primary email address is valid and entered correctly.

If you enter your primary email address incorrectly, you will NOT receive your password.

If you have previously signed up to play on the VIP Ladder, do NOT signup again. It is only necessary to signup once. If you wish to join other VIP Ladders, use the Join option.

If you have read and understand these instructions, you may proceed to the VIP Ladder signup form

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