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Finding other players

VIP Ladder players are from around the world. They are in different time zones, different countries and different seasons. Most of the players hang out at one of the following servers. If they're not on one of these servers, see the notes below about how to find them via email or Kali's /whois command.

  • VIP Ladder (#256)
  • Virtual Pool (#482)

Finding players via email

The VIP ladder lists each player's email address. You can schedule matches by emailing any other player. However, schedule the match with plenty of advance notice. Some players don't read their email every day. Other players don't get their email quickly due to their email service (this is especially true for Hotmail or Starmail users). Give the player a week's notice and ask for confirmation in case they have a schedule conflict.

Finding players with Kali's /whois command

The best way to find other players is to look for them on Kali. Finding other VIP players on Kali is fairly easy. Plus, you get immediate results! To find other Kali players, log onto any Kali server and type the "/whois" command followed by the player's name. For example: If someone is looking for me, they would type:

/whois VentureKing

The Kali server will display the following information:

Nickname : VentureKing
serial#  : 015935
Realname : Dave Eilering
email    :
other    :
lastseen : Wed Jul 21 20:14:24 1999
server   : Server://#256 VIP Ladder
process  : Kali 98

The "lastseen" line tells you what Kali server this person was last logged onto. If they are still logged onto Kali, there will be a "process" line (as in the example). The "process" line tells you what the person is doing. In this example, Kali95 means they are probably in one of the chat channels. Of course, this doesn't mean the person is looking at their screen! Now that you know where they are, you can change to their server and chat with them. If they are currently in a game, you can wait until they're done with their game go schedule your match.

If there is no "process" line, the person is no longer logged onto a Kali server. The following list contains a few processes you might expect to see and what they mean:

  • Kali95 = Kali95 (probably chatting)
  • POOL = Currently playing Virtual Pool
  • VP2 = Currently playing Virtual Pool 2
  • VT2 = Currently playing Virtual Pool 2 (tourney edition)
  • DESCENTR = Currently playing Descent (R = registered version)
  • DESCENT2 = Currently playing Descent II
  • WAR2 = Currently playing Warcraft II

There are many other processes you may see, but these are some of the currently popular games.

The "/whois" command can only be used if you know the other player's nickname. For this reason, some players print the VIP ladder to get a list of the VIP players nicknames. Also, since people will be looking for you, log onto Kali with your VIP ladder nickname. If you need to change your VIP Ladder nickname, use the Edit Info button.

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