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Security Warning!

We have been informed that someone is impersonating VIP Ladder staff and telling VIP Ladder players that there is a problem with the ladder. Then, the impersonator asks for your password (with the threat that if you don't supply it, you will be removed from the ladder).

There is nothing wrong with the ladder. As most of you know, we are constantly working to improve the VIP Ladder. When a problem is encountered, we work to resolve the problem immediately.

Under NO circumstances will any VIP Ladder representative EVER ask a VIP Ladder player for their password. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, give anyone your VIP Ladder password.

Also, your VIP Ladder password is encrypted when it is stored in the VIP Ladder database. Although no encryption technique is completely secure, the chance of someone determining your password is very slim. Under NO circumstances will the VIP Ladder EVER release your VIP Ladder password to someone else. For added security, it is recommended that you change your VIP Ladder password (and any other password) periodically.

Just a reminder to anyone considering cheating... We reserve the right to remove anyone from the VIP Ladder for any reason! This ladder is for fun. Let's keep it that way.

Please report any impersonations or questionable activity to VIP Ladder Support. Sorry for any inconvenience. It's too bad some people are so desperate that they feel they must cheat.

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