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How to play Virtual Pool on the Internet

We have had quite a few people asking how to play Virtual Pool over the Internet. One way to play VPool (and other IPX multiplayer games) is through Kali. Since this the most popular way, we will explain how to play VPool over the Internet through Kali.

First of all, make sure Kali is able to run VPool. You can test this by clicking on the VPool icon within Kali. If it doesn't run, check to make sure Kali is looking for VPool in the proper drive and directory. You can see how VPool is configured through the Games/Configure menu option.

Now that you're in VPool (through Kali), click the Play Virtual Pool button. Then, select Device Setup from the Program Control window. Change the Remote Device to Local Area Network and click OK to go back to the Program Control window. Unless you play other players via modem, you will not need to change the Remote Device setting each time you play.

To play a game, one of the players will Transmit and the other player will Receive (similar to Dial/Answer). Select Game Setup from the Program Control window. Then, select Network or Modem Player. VPool will prompt you to Transmit or Receive. Select the appropriate option (opposite of your opponent).

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