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How to play

Many new players ask how to play on the VIP Ladder. This page is a primer for new players to help get acquainted with playing online games.

What you need:

  • You must own the game you want to play. If you do not own Virtual Pool 3 (or whatever game you want to play), you must purchase a copy from your local software store, mail-order vendor or directly from the game vendor. The VIP Ladder does not supply or distribute the games.
  • Join an online gaming network. Although some games let players connect directly, online gaming networks help players find each other and communicate to coordinate games. Older games (that only support IPX) MUST use a gaming network to connect over the Internet. Without an online gaming network, it can take hours (even days) to negotiate a match. There are many online gaming networks available. Some are free, some are fee-based. The VIP Ladder recommends free or "lifetime member" gaming networks. Below is a list of the various online gaming networks that the VIP Ladder recommends:
    Service Games
    GameSpy Arcade Virtual Pool 3 and more FREE
    $20 (US) removes ads
    Kali Virtual Pool Hall, Virtual Pool 2 and more FREE 15 minute trial
    $20 (US) for lifetime membership
    The Zone Virtual Pool 2 and more FREE
    MPlayer Virtual Pool Hall, Virtual Pool 2 and more FREE
  • Signup for the VIP Ladder. Complete the online form and you will receive your VIP Ladder password via email within 24 hours (usually within a few minutes).

To play, run the gaming network client software. (Kali users connect to the VIP Ladder Kali server #256.) You will see a list of players who are currently connected to the service. Simply type a message requesting a VIP Ladder match (or, respond to one of the many requests that other players are making). You're ready to go!

When a match is completed, the loser reports the match results to the VIP Ladder.

See the getting started webpage on VPOOL.COM for information on how to setup Virtual Pool 2 to play using TCP/IP network protocol.

See the VIP Ladder FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions concerning the VIP Ladder.

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